Wednesday, December 19, 2012


So Connor turned 3 years old a couple of months ago.  He is still a goofball and loves to show off.  I swear he is 3 going on 30.  His mannerisms are hilarious! He cracks me up every single day.  He loves to play with older kids, especially playing video games with his cousin Owen.  He loves to play with his cousins! 
Of course he LOVES candy and somehow always seems to find it.  He is getting better at eating almost everything, but hates mashed potatoes!
He loves to play with his tools and will walk around the house with his toolbox and toolbelt, filled with his hammer and screwdrivers, fixing anything and everything. 
He continues to like nursery, but is excited to be a sunbeam next year!
He got a new bike for his birthday and he still is a little scared to ride it.  I'm trying to teach him how to brake, but he always ends up riding his bike into the grass or fence to stop.  It's pretty funny. 
He loves superheros and enjoys running around the house in his new cape and mask that I made him.  He loves to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Jake and the Neverland Pirates and Bolt on t.v.
He enjoys going to the library to look at the books, play with the puzzles and get on the computers. 
He loves to go camping and be outdoors. 
He loves his Grammies and Papa's and talks about them a lot!
He is the sweetest thing and still loves to cuddle with mom and dad.  I'm so thankful for that!! He also got a new "big boy bed" and falls asleep in that pretty well.  I love that his imagination is growing and it's fun to sit back and watch him play. 
He knows his ABC's, can count to 15, is getting better at his colors and shapes, can get himself dressed, put his own shoes on (even though I need to help him tie them), likes to get his teeth brushed, loves to play in the bathtub with his shark, wants a dog, can say prayers pretty much by himself, knows his birthday and loves to show people how old he is with his fingers.

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Dru Beecher said...

Love that boy! and love you!